Rental e-bike parking introduced to keep pavements clear

Rental e-bike parking have been introduced across Kensington and Chelsea with 128 new painted parking spaces and 40 ‘virtual’ bays. The new spaces will make our borough one of the highest densities of rental e-bike parking spaces in London and the first agreement which includes all three leading providers.

The cycle parking spaces are designed to boost visibility in a positive way to encourage more people to take the rental e-bikes for short trips, rather than using their cars, cutting carbon emissions and improving air quality in the borough.

Who can park in the spaces?

The parking spaces are for rented e-bikes, not individually owned e-bikes which should still be locked securely when parked. If you hire a rental e-bike from Tier, Lime or Forest you can park in the designated parking bays.


How do I find rental e-bike parking?

There are 128 spaces that you can see on the streets of Kensington and Chelsea which are clearly marked as cycle hire parking. There are also 40 ‘virtual’ spaces which are not marked on the street but are permissible to park in. The areas will be marked in the Lime, Tier and Forest apps so people can see where they can find a bike and park when they make a hire.


What happens if I park outside the spaces?

Forest, Lime and Tier have all signed an agreement with the Council to introduce a geo-fenced no parking zone across the borough. Users will continue to be charged by the apps if they leave a bike anywhere outside the designated parking areas and repeat offenders will be subject to additional fines or bans.


How do I report an abandoned bike or an overflowing e-bike parking bay?

There are 3 suppliers operating e-Bike hire in the borough and for any operational or parking issues the operator should be contacted in the first instance.



Telephone: 020 8157 7491




Telephone: 0800 808 5223




Telephone: 0808 304 4069


The borough can be contacted at