Partnership Profile – Richard Bourne, CEO of Martin’s Properties

As CEO of a private property company based in the heart of the King’s Road with a mixed portfolio including a number of properties along and around the King’s Road, Richard Bourne has leased to several of the offices, restaurants, residents and retail outlets that now populate the area.

“For us it’s about having close proximity to our customers and being able to see what’s going on. It’s also a really nice place to work. There are a lot of amenities with a diverse range of fantastic restaurants, bars, pubs and a wide variety of leisure activities too, all in all a vibrant environment and setting which helps us attract and retain a talented workforce.”

As CEO of the business, he is conscious of the uncertainty and volatility at the moment, which he can see filtering down from the macro level to the micro level.

Richard comments, “Generally costs are rising and understanding the impact of these wide ranging increases on our business operations and our customers is crucial. We want to better support our clients and help ensure there’s plenty of consumer spending happening on the King’s Road, whilst also protecting our own business which faces the same challenges as everyone else.”

Owing to the number of properties Richard supports in the area, and his expertise, he was asked to become a board member for the King’s Road Partnership and he is seeing early results:

“I think the BID is already increasing footfall and encouraging people to spend more time here through a mix of a day and night-time events. Having extra activities like markets and Christmas events in a safe and clean place is attracting people who want to spend serious money. We are also tackling anti-social behaviour and making it a nicer, safer environment.

“I feel the BID can make a real difference and I wanted to give back to the area and make a positive input to the Board – helping monitor performance and ensure we are making positive steps and improvements. The shareholders and Board are fully supportive.

“It’s also important to make sure there’s a focus on both the consumers and occupiers in the area. We’re listening and making sure improvements are driven by evidence and this is one of the most important functions of the BID.

“We’re trying to appeal to a diverse range of people, including local residents, shoppers, tourists and other businesses, so we don’t want to focus on the King’s Road as just a destination. We also want it to be a nice place to live, work and visit. What makes the King’s Road so special is that it feels like a vibrant urban village with a unique, creative and diverse offer. Our vision has both the community and the wider tourist interest at heart.”

And where is his favourite place along the King’s Road?

“I love the Ivy Chelsea Garden, in part because we own it! It’s a unique offer with beautiful décor and has a great menu that appeals to everybody throughout the day. It’s a very special place with the ability to wine and dine in one of London’s largest outdoor gardens.”