BID Street Team & Police Joint Patrols Go From Strength-to-Strength

The King’s Road Partnership Street Team’s daily uniformed patrols are making a real difference to the security and safety of the King’s Road area, supporting businesses and helping members of the public.

The Street Team is about to begin a series of regular joint patrols with Neighbourhood Police Officers and Wardens from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to maximise the security impact and make the district even safer.

The day-to day uniformed patrols have been extremely busy since their introduction in April, responding to 255 calls from member businesses and assisting 6,181 visitors to the area with advice and directions.

Each day they visit as many members as possible to provide reassurance and identify any issues that the BID can assist in solving. To date they have completed 16,620 visits.

They are highly proactive in addressing organised teams of beggars and deterring active offenders in the area. The 414 incidents they have addressed to date include multiple detentions of offenders, a number of whom have been charged with criminal offences, including theft, shoplifting, assaults, pickpocketing and public order offences.

In many cases stolen property has been recovered and returned to members and a total of 17-cases have resulted in the commencement of private criminal prosecutions where police have been unable to attend.

Feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive, citing the introduction of the street teams as the reason they are seeing fewer thefts in their venues, less begging generally, and a sense of “feeling safer” in their work environment.

As your teams grow and develop, please let all of your staff have the Street Team’s contact number so they can contact them if the need arises – 07903 829304.