Royal Avenue: Co-Design Stakeholder Workshops

Between January and May 2023, The King’s Road Partnership (KRP) convened local stakeholders to co-design potential public realm improvements for the King’s Road area adjacent to Royal Avenue and Royal Avenue itself.
The design team from AttisTowns was asked to ensure any potential emerging scheme was sympathetic to the historic fabric and context of the local area, which includes the Grade II listed Royal Hospital Chelsea. Importantly, Royal Avenue is listed as a “protected square” under the London Squares Preservation Act 1931 and sits within the Royal Hospital Conservation Area.
Royal Avenue is a publicly open space owned by the Royal Hospital and  leased by RBKC. It currently has a number of challenges, including the central gravel area is inaccessible to some people with additional mobility needs and the northern section is cluttered and has attracted some anti-social behaviour issues.
Stakeholders involved in the co-design approach agreed the priority area to take forward are sensitive rearrangements to the paved northern section of Royal Avenue, often referred to as the piazza.
The attached report details the design approach taken and the outline proposals. Click here for the report.
These high level proposals will require further design work and may form part of an emerging King’s Road Local Area Action Plan. Stakeholders, including residents, will be fully engaged in any future design work to ensure all views are listened to.
Following the stakeholder sessions, the high level proposals will only be taken ahead for the King’s Road tie in and the piazza , with no plans in place for these areas at this stage. There are absolutely NO plans to change the appearance or use of the Gravel area or St Leonard’s Terrace/ the Burton’s Court Tie in.
Steven Medway attended the RARA AGM in January 2024 to explain the current situation to residents. It was explained that any MAJOR changes to the Piazza area, could only be made after an official RBKC consultation and planning application process.